Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sugar Platter Desserts = Yummy Goodness!

Sugar and spice and everything nice! I am sure you have all heard that phrase a million times, if not at least once, but like me you probably always thought of it as a silly rhyme, well not anymore! Once your eyes and stomach gaze upon Sugar Platter Desserts, Christina Greis's amazing sweet treat business, you will become a believer!

Now prepare yourself as you look upon the photos below because you might just gain calories looking at them..But, it is worth it because they're tasty and sweet and an even bigger bonus the creative baking genius behind the business is just as sweet.

Meet Miss Christina Greis...

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m 24 years old, and have always had much more of a creative brain than a logical one. I love to paint and decorate, so that’s why I think I love baking so much- it allows me to be as creative as I want to be. I work in business advertising right now, but when I get home and on the weekends, I either am baking, researching new recipes, or planning what I am going to make next.

How did you get into the baking business?

I started baking my senior year of college, using boxed mixes and learning how to decorate cupcakes and cake. Slowly, I started making things from scratch until I felt like I perfected the flavor, and now am able to make everything on my own from the cake to the frosting. 

What type of desserts do you make? Flavors? etc. Do you do cakes or just dessert tables?
The things I find myself making most are cupcakes and cake balls/cake pops. These types of desserts are easiest to have at a party/event because they are bite-sized and easy to just have a little of. They’re also easy to transport to wherever I may be taking them to. I have made plenty of cakes though for birthdays and enjoy making those just as much. 

Why do you do what you do?
When you’re passionate about something, it’s easy to spend hours day after day doing it. I also find myself whole-heartedly doing the best I can every time I bake. With each baking job I get, I put everything I have into creating the best possible dessert.

What inspires your baking?
Other bakers actually inspire me quite a bit. I love looking and reading about other people’s desserts, and then getting inspiration from them for my own creations. It also helps that there are a million television shows about cakes and cupcakes right now, which is always so much fun to watch and very inspiring.

What can your clients expect from you?
They can always expect 100% from me. I will make sure to put everything I have into creating the most delicious and visually aesthetic desserts I possibly can. I love to create things for other people, so whatever flavors and colors they want, I can do. I’m extremely flexible with how many they want, when they need it, and delivering them as well. It’s an absolute pleasure for me to bake for someone else, whether it’s just a dozen cookies or 150 cupcakes.

Now for some fun questions...

What’s your favorite dessert?
My favorite dessert is actually something I can’t really make- churros. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved them. I prefer them over anything else- cake, ice cream, brownies. Maybe it’s because you can’t buy them everywhere so it’s a treat when I actually get one. My next favorite dessert is anything chocolate.

Do you like to taste every dessert you bake?
I don’t always want to but I usually do, unless it’s a flavor I’ve made a bunch of times. With new flavors and frosting's though, I have to try it and make sure it tastes right. But if I’m too full from sugar, then I usually make my roommates do the taste testing!

Can we be your roommates..hehe! 

Do you have a favorite sweet treat to make?
My favorite dessert to make is either lemon bread or any type of cupcake. The lemon bread just smells amazing every time it’s baking, and with cupcakes, my favorite part is decorating them and piping on frosting.

What’s your most wanted dessert?
Always red velvet. Whether it’s red velvet cupcakes or red velvet cake pops, I feel like I’m asked to make those all the time.

What does your favorite apron look like and where is it from?
I have 4! My favorite one is black with lace trim and a fake pearl necklace attached to it. It looks like a dress from the front, and not your typical apron.

Are you drooling yet??? I know I am just thinking about those delicious cake balls, nom nom nom! I know you are dying to try them, so contact Sugar Platter Desserts, for your next wedding, bridal shower, event or just for you too eat at home while watching movies.

Sugar Platter Desserts
Christina Greis




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