Friday, October 29, 2010

Vera Wang + David's Bridal

How great would it be to get a Vera Wang wedding gown for six hundred dollars? Give up...Well it wouldn't be just great it would be amazing. If you agree then you're in luck, because Vera Wang has created a new collection for David's Bridal called, White by Vera Wang. The collection will hit the stores in February 2011 and will feature many wedding gowns ranging in price from $600 - $1,500 in sizes 0-14, and additional sizes will be produced for Fall 2011. As well as a new collection of wedding gowns, Wang will also create bridesmaid's dresses and shoes for the Fall 2011 collection.   

Below is a sneak peak of a few of the wedding gowns Wang created, many of them are based off wedding dresses she has created for celebrities, such as Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump.

What do you think of the White by Vera Wang collection? Would you purchase a dress a designer created for another company or would you prefer the real thing? Let me know your thoughts...



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Polka Dot Weddings

 When I was a little girl I used to read this comic book called Little Dot, which sparked my love of polka dots, ruffles, bows and pretty much all things girly!

This love of polka dots recently floated into my head and turned into a polka dot inspired wedding, full of dot wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cakes, socks, sashes, flowers, frames and so much more...

Swiss Dot Wedding Dress: J. Crew

Maisie Fantaisie Wedding Cakes

Polka Dot Sash for Wedding Dress

Anthropologie: Paso Doble Dress - $328.00
Beautiful bridesmaid's dress option

Polka Dot Tape: Michael's - cost $1.00 = so many possibilities

One of the possibilities - Custom picture frames

Polka Dot Socks for your Groom!

kate spade new york 'didi' mary jane pump 

                                             Kate Spade:
                                                New York 'Didi' mary jane pump- $298

                                                                                              A little bridal eyewear : H&M - $9

                                                            Polka Dot Ribbon to wrap your flowers

Eric Daman Dot Print Dress

                    A dress for your wedding guest, so they can get in on the theme to!
Charlotte Russe by Eric Daman (the guy behind, gossip girl's amazing wardrobe)
Dot Dress - $39.50

                                         Bridal Hair Accessories: Forever 21 - $3.99

What do you think of polka dots? Let me know your thoughts...



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mad Men Inspired Wedding

I recently watched a few episode's of Mad Men (I know I am a little late on the hype, but we don't get AMC) and have already fallen in love. Mad Men is like Sex in the City, in the way that you could watch the entire show on mute and just drool over the darling outfits!

The show features endless amounts of beautiful retro outfits for women (and men!). One of the outfits I am dying to find is a retro dress like Joan Harris (known as actress, Christina Hendricks). She is my favorite character on the show and her style is just so lovely, from her winged eyeliner to her beautiful red locks and envious curves.

Now that a wide selection of designers are creating collections influenced by the sixties retro era, you will have no problem finding anything you would need for your Mad Men inspired wedding. A few simple things can help make your vintage wedding a success...Tea length wedding dress, winged eyeliner, suits with skinny black ties, brooches, pointy pumps, classic cars, typewriters, pearls and so much more.
palace of mirrors crystal earrings

Rose Menagerie Dress

Jeffrey Campbell 'Samantha' Pump 


The Beverlywood


Emerald earrings – Kate Spade: Palace of Mirrors Crystal Earrings $125.00
Blue floral dress – Modcloth: Rose Menagerie Dress $117.99
Lace pumps - Nordstrom’s: Jeffrey Campbell, Samantha Pump $119.95
Wedding Dress- Dolly Couture: The Beverlywood $595.00

Do you watch the show Mad Men? What do you think of the sixties inspired style? Let me know your thoughts...



ZozoBugBaby Contest

Check out this amazing contest put on by four amazing ladies, ZozoBugBaby, Florabella Collection, Kristen Caldwell and MCP Actions...

Here is my entry...



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moo Sticker Books

From the moment my Husband and I got engaged to the day of our wedding, I probably looked at a million blogs, magazines and websites and came across so many amazing things. One of the sites I feel instantly in love with was MOO ( At the time I came across the website they were stationed only in Europe, but now they have moved across the ocean and are open in the United States!!!

MOO makes these incredibly amazing sticker books...
Use MOO to brand your packages

The sticker books allow you to pick up to 90 different images, designs, logos or upload your own photos. I choose to upload six of our engagement photos to make a sticker book. I used these stickers on our candy bars to help secure the back, as well as on our thank you cards in the corner of the letter. I continue to use them for all sorts of things and am so glad I found them!

One of the best things about the sticker books are they can be purchased for the inexpensive price of $9.99. You can not only use these for your wedding, but they're also great for personal use, applying them to cards and sealing letters are just two of the many uses. You can also use them for business purposes, by creating sticker logos that you can apply to price tags, on letters you mail to your clients, business cards, etc.

What do you think of the MOO sticker books? Would you consider using them? Have you seen any other companies that make something like this? Let me know your thoughts...



Monday, October 25, 2010

Make It Yourself Monday...Pinwheels

I see more and more wedding's incorporating DIY projects, so this week I will teach you how to make a paper pinwheel, which can be a great asset to your wedding because it brings color and fun, and even entertains the children (and some adults, including me!).

Paper Pinwheel Supplies
- Two square sheets of paper or only one if it is double sided paper
- Spray glue/Glue stick
- Pushpins
- Scissors
- Map pin
- Beads
- Dowel rod

Step One...The first thing you want to do is paint the dowel rod (unless you want the natural wooden look). You can paint it any color you like or you can choose to match it to the paper.

Step Two...Next you need to use your spray glue or glue stick to glue your two pieces of paper together (patterned sides facing out) unless you have double sided design paper. After that you will cut the paper into any size square you like, I like to use 4'' or 6'' squares.

Step Three...After your glue is dry, you fold the square in half diagonally and then fold again. After you open the folded square you will see four creases.

Step Four...Next you want to cut along each crease two-thirds of the way down to the center.

Step Five...After cutting the four creases you should have two points on each of the four sides, you then grab one point from each side pulling it into the middle, making sure each one is overlapping.

Step Six...When all the points are overlapped hold down the center and stick your pushpin through the center. Then you take the pushpin out and replace it with the short map pin. Next you take one of your beads and stick that on the other side of the map pin. After that you stick the map pin into your dowel rod and it should stick (if needed you can use a little glue to help the hold) and be ready to spin!

How did your pinwheel turn out? Did you or would you use pinwheels at your wedding? Let me know your thoughts...



* All projects created on Make It Yourself Monday, can be made for your wedding/party in your choice of colors, sizes and styles. Send me an email at with your information and requests, and I will get back to you asap : )

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Maids

I don't know if you all have noticed the trend of brides using off the rack bridesmaid's dresses, well I have and I think its a pretty awesome trend (considering I choose my bridesmaid's dress from Anthropologie, one of my favorite off the rack shops to purchase bridesmaid's dresses and regular clothes too!!) Below is a photo of my bridesmaids dresses from Anthropologie. I believe they still fit all the criteria people think a bridesmaid dress needs (however I believe the only criteria you need for a bridesmaids dress is none! Pick what you like!!), but still have that uniqueness to them. Some other pluses of buying off the rack are, you get the dress right away, they're usually less expensive and lastly you can really wear them again! Tehe...

Rosettes and Ruffles Dress

Photo Credit: Beth Armsheimer Photography
 Even celebrities are catching onto the trend. In the recent wedding of Dave Annable (from the television show Brothers & Sisters) and Odette Yustman (recently seen in the movie, You Again), Yustman choose the, Drifting By Dress from Anthropologie for her bridesmaid's, which coincidentally I wore to our rehearsal dinner.

Kiss the Bride

A few of my favorite shops to look for bridesmaid's dresses are Anthropologie (If I have not already told you, hehe), JCrew, Madewell, Shop Ruche, Modcloth and Ann Taylor Loft. Below you will find a few of my favorites for the fall season...

Organza Leighton dress

Silk organza soiree dress
Anthropologie -

This is one of those great simple dresses that you could mix with funky fun shoes and a beautiful sash of beads or flowers. Sash's are great gifts for bridesmaid's, hint hint!

Madewell -

Last Dance Dotted Dress

Jewel-Tone Tiered Dress
Would you consider buying an off the rack bridesmaid dress? If so what colors, styles and designs do you like? If you have something particular in mind and can't find it, let me know and I can take a look, after all searching for clothes online is one of my favorite past times.