Monday, November 15, 2010

Make it yourself Monday...Chalkboards!

Lately I have seen quite a few chalkboards at weddings, including my own, so I decided I would let you all in on the easy secrets of how to make your own. Two of the best things about the chalkboard craft is that you can easily make it your own style and secondly you can use it after for a number of things. We have ours in our kitchen and use it to leave notes to one another, make grocery lists and maybe even someday our future children will use it to doodle : )

Chalkboard Supplies
- Any size or shape piece of wood
- Paint color
- Chalkboard paint
- Paint brushes
- Chalk
And some little extras if you want, like clear plastic frames, ribbon, buttons, etc.

Step 1 - First you want to paint with the color you choose around the piece of wood everywhere besides the place you want to put the chalkboard. I choose purple!

Step 2 - After the paint color dries, you next want to paint with your chalkboard paint in the spot or shape you want your chalkboard to be. Helpful hint: I used tape to tape off the area and shape I want my chalkboard to be.

Step 3 - You next want to let the chalk paint dry for 24 hours as the directions state, and then you are free to apply any extras you want! Have fun make it your own. If you are using it at your wedding adding plastic frames around it gives you a chance to display some of your engagement photos. If you want a simpler touch a lace bow will do the trick!

Photo Credit: Beth Armsheimer Photography

What do you think of the chalkboard craft? Do you like it? Would you use it at your wedding or in your home....If you answered YES, your in luck because today's "Make it yourself Monday," is going to be given away to one lucky Purple Peacock Weddings reader! All you have to do is leave a comment about what you love most about weddings..The winner will be chosen Friday morning, so stay tuned!

If you do not win and would still like a custom chalkboard they can be purchased at




  1. i love how weddings have the potential to gather all of your loved ones in the same place to not only celebrate the bride and groom, but also how each person has impacted their lives.

  2. My favorite part about weddings is watching the faces of the bride and groom. Especially the groom as his bride walks down the aisle. Cliche, I know, but that's because it's such a great part! And I love how most couples can't take their eyes off each other. They only look at the minister because they feel like they should!

  3. I love how much of a couple's personality is expressed in a wedding. You see their faith, their relationship, family dynamics, music style, design style...I could go on and on. I always leave a wedding overwhelmed by how much more intimately I know the couple. Weddings are wonderful!-Carrie H.