Friday, November 5, 2010

Paint Part 2: Trash The Dress

Part two of the artist/paint blog calls for a little messy fun! I have recently come across a few trash the dress photography sessions, which got me thinking that I should do a trash the dress photo session! I was recently talking to my friend Alice about this and we were trying to figure out a fun TTD that was different from all the others one's we've seen with the bride playing in the ocean, although they are quite beautiful, I wanted something a little different...different lead to visions of a husband and wife having a paint fight. Fun right?!? Wouldn't you love to climb up a little ladder and pour some bright purple paint on your groom standing below you and to top that catch it all on film! Well I would!

First you would have to find a gown and suit you wouldn't mind getting some paint on. This is the step I am at because I would be in a bit of trouble if I trashed my actually wedding dress. Next you need to bring the props, like I said above a ladder would be great fun, along with some easels for you and your lovey to paint sweet nothings to each other on!

The next step would be picking out the paint colors, you can either use your wedding colors or any old color you like. I would suggest brights ones so that they stick out on your clothes.

Another little craft you can do in order to make your paint cans look just as cute as you is to wrap them in papers or fabrics.

You could also use the paint to write love on each others arms...

And in the midst of everything else going on during the photo shoot remember to Trash The Dress!

Have you done a trash the dress? If so what did you do to trash your dress? If not what would you do to trash your dress?




  1. Christine! I LOVE this idea. I do not think I will be doing a TTD session, but if I did...this would be what I would do! If I hear of anyone doing TTD I will DEFINITELY forward them to this blog post. You are so creative.

  2. Stephanie!!! Thank you my lovely kindergarten teacher! I could totally see Dustin and You doing this trash the dress! I can just picture the photo of you dumping the paint on him and doing that innocent face you do! To cute!

  3. What a great idea, although good sense not to trash your "real" dress. You may want that for your 25th anniversary redo of your nuptials.