Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh that BRIDESMAID'S Dress!

I know that like me, most of you have a bridesmaid dress sitting in the back of your closet that you're not to sure what to do with, but do not want to get rid of it because of the expensive price tag...Well below you will find three easy to do and chic options for your dress.

First the original bridesmaids dress...

 First option is adding fun and funky accessories to the dress that your Bride would probably not allow. Try tights, jewelry, sweaters, belts, shoes, headbands, etc.

Second option entitles a quick stitch or a full fledge seamstress depending on how you want to alter your dress. The easiest choice is a quick hem, but you could also chose to remove the straps or add straps, change the neckline or add volume or take away volume.

The third and final option is dying the dress. I prefer to use Rit Dye, because of its accurate and simple instructions (Read the instructions! I repeat read the instructions and be careful when washing other clothing items with the dyed dress).

Now would you wear your bridesmaid dress again, that is after doing one of the three options or maybe you prefer something else. Let me know what you've done to your bridesmaid's dress..Have you worn it again?




  1. don't know if i can ever wear Sienna's dress ever again, but I'm wearing the one i wore in your wedding this weekend :)

  2. great post Christine! great dye job too :)
    I have that lace Rodarte cardi in beige :P