Thursday, November 18, 2010


If you are a DIYer..(I know probably not a word but, I am going to say it for the sake that it fits in my sentence), then you probably wouldn't want to miss this simple and easy craft that can take your wedding invitations to another level. Give up what level that is..well so do I, so I am just going to tell you what the craft is...Making your own custom envelopes. You can use colored paper, patterned paper, handkerchiefs, music sheets, magazine paper and pretty much anything that you can fold around your invite and write the address on or stick a sticker on : )

Make your own envelopes in 4 easy steps..

1. Pick out your paper!

2. Fold all four corners of your paper into the center so they all touch and look somewhat like a square.

3. Next you will need either glue, double sided tape or photo sticky's (I prefer the photo sticky's). You want to place the sticky on top of two of your triangle folds to hold the them together, like in the photo below.

4. Lastly you bring one side of the remaining open sides and place the tip on top of the sticky and hold down for 30 seconds so it stays firm.

Then you are free to place your invitation or letter inside and seal by sticking the last remaining triangle onto the sticky, then write the address, put a stamp on it and mail!



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