Thursday, November 4, 2010

For the Artist's or the Artist in You!

I have been thinking about this blog in my head for a while, one because I really want to do this myself (TTD) and two because I just think art is so stink cool and a great way to express one's self! I decided to make this a two part blog, part one will be about the wedding and part two will be the trash the dress (TTD), so I hope you stick around for part two because I think it will be as equally exciting as part one!

If you're an artist, like to paint or just a lover of all things creative than these wedding inspirations should be right up your alley...First the wedding...How about a guest book that allows your guests to get in on your painting passion, a paint by numbers image of you, phrase, etc. Check out these websites to create your own, and

Create this easy to make wood easel for your tables to serve as table numbers. All you need is a piece of wood, a saw, a couple nails or glue, a small canvas and some paint. All supplies can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

On the tables right next to your table numbers you can use fabric covered paint cans as your flower holders.

A smaller version of your fabric covered paint can, can also serve as your flower girls basket, just keep the handle attached, so she has something to hold on too!

Thinking of sharing some photos of you and your groom/bride at the wedding, why not buy some plain white frames and splash them with color paint.

Lastly a sweet little gift for your guests, paints sets! The best thing about this gift is you get 72 for just $37.95.

Does this bring out the artist in you? What do you think of the art themed wedding?

Remember to check back tomorrow for part 2!!!



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