Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spray Paint + Grass!!!

This past weekend I was visiting my Mom, and if you don't know, my Mama and I are very crafty and always working on a new project. So when I got to her house I knew we would be working on some projects, like curtains for my Husband's and my house, but then I stumbled upon an old wicker chair I had left at my Mom's house and decided to spray paint it, so I could use it for future photo's. When my Mom came outside and saw I had got a little bit of spray paint on her grass, instead of being upset, she came up with this great idea for couples who are having backyard or outdoor weddings/events!

All you need is a couple of bottles of spray paint in the color scheme you have chosen for your wedding and some grass! Oh and a little bit of creativity!!!

Would you do this for your wedding? What would you write on your grass or would you draw a design? Let me know your thoughts...



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